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Those who administer child welfare investigations and cases retaliate against parents who are informed and knowledgeable, and they do not want them to view this web site.


You will be advised by the child welfare professionals not to use the resources listed on this site. They will tell you that these resources will harm your chances of having your children returned. This could be true, as they have the power to influence the court to believe whatever they want, and if they want the court to believe you are a danger to your child, they will say whatever it takes to make that happen.

You will be told that you should not be focusing on the issues of your rights, or your children's rights, or the law or the rules of court procedure. You will be instructed to blindly accept what the professionals have told you and to obey their demands without question, regardless of whether their demands are reasonable or abusive or harmful to your child or just plain intended to set you up for failure. Even if you do that, statistically, you only have a 50/50 chance of reunification.

You will be advised by your attorney and the child welfare agency not to do any legal research into case law or statutory mandates or court rules or policy requirements or standards of professional practice. You are not properly trained to understand the law, therefore it is useless for you to try.

You will be advised not to seek redress of grievances from your elected representatives or to publicize the injustices and abuses you and your children suffer at the hands of the child welfare professionals. If you do seek redress of your grievances, the child welfare professionals will retaliate in ways designed to prevent reunification. They have been reported to literally beat a child severely when her mother took her grievances to her state representatives--the mother received notification of the life-threatening injuries just before testifying before a legislative committee.

You will be accused of focusing on the wrong issues if you assert your rights. Of being uncooperative; of having a “bad attitude”; of “being in denial” about your responsibility for the abuse or neglect of your child. . .even if the child was adjudicated through no fault of yours.

You may even be ordered to stop accessing the internet or conducting your own research into this issue.

You may be ordered to take down your web site about your case.

You will be retaliated against if you associate with like-minded people who seek to reform child welfare or expose child welfare abuses.

Your E-mails on any number of family rights online groups will be monitored, intercepted and used against you in court. The professionals administering your case join these groups pretending to be parents. Even if you participate under an alias, they will identify you by the facts in your case and use your free speech and freedom of association against you in court.

You and your children will be the victims of retaliation by these professionals.

YOU WILL BE ADVISED BY THE child welfare professionals THAT USING ANY INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS SITE WILL HURT YOUR CASE! Sometimes, these resources will harm your chances of successful resolution. . .but only when the professionals abuse their power to make sure your children are not returned to you to teach you and others a lesson not to your exercise of self-determination in opposition to their edicts.

If this happens, please send us documentation that you are being retaliated against because you accessed this or any other family rights web site and WE WILL PUBLISH IT!

If any state agency, GAL, CASA, attorney or service provider or other non-licensee (including but not limited to AFRA, CPS Watch and their affiliates) prints out, displays and/or distributes any portion of this web site and/or uses it in court to hurt a family member in your child welfare case, or if any portion of this web site appears in any CPS, court, GAL, attorney or service provider record or other non-licensee’s possession, that is copyright infringement and WE WILL PROSECUTE IT.

Send us proof (such as the actual copies, a letter or tape of the person admitting to having possession, photograph or video, a certified court transcript admitting it into the record, a court document such as register of actions reflecting the admission of it, etc.) of all web site documents which have been reproduced and/or distributed along with a list of recipients with their name/title/address/phone who it was distributed to AND the name/address/phone/title of person who copied/distributed the pages AND the date and location where it was copied/distributed.

Identify the exact pages copied and the total quantity of pages copied/distributed.

Attach a notarized affidavit, sworn to under the penalty of perjury, that you have first hand knowledge of this infringement and that the information provided to us about the infringement and infringers is true and correct.

In order to collect any reward - you must provide all information requested.

When we receive payment for copyright infringement or obtain a court judgment and collect on it, you will earn 5% of the amount which is collected as actual damages. In the event of multiple identical submissions, the first one received by AFAC will receive the reward. The reward is paid only for the actual pages for which we receive payment or collect on a judgment. In our most recent infringement claim, the total actual damages for copyright infringement is $600,000 - which meant you would have earned $30,000!

WE STAND ON THE BILL OF RIGHTS and THE FIRST AMENDMENT! To this end, we will expose and publish anti-family efforts in this arena.

Important Notice about using this site

EMAIL THE AMERICAN FAMILY ADVOCACY CENTER ***  Our client lists are confidential. Please do not ask who disclosed certain information to AFAC. This information is not available to the public and will be vigorously guarded from disclosure to protect those clients whose children remain at risk of state-sanctioned kidnaping of their children.

Information included on these pages is not legal advice, we are not attorneys. You are advised to consult with an attorney on any legal matters.

Any legal documents on this site were prepared and/or drafted by attorneys or under the supervision of an attorney, or by pro se respondent parents and/or subject children and are published here with their permission. Any phone calls or other oral communications with our staff may be recorded at our discretion. Any person engaging in conversation with any of our staff is presumed to have given express consent to be recorded. ALL MATERIAL ON THESE PAGES IS COPYRIGHT 1996-2011 SUZANNE SHELL reproduction without written permission is prohibited.

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IF YOU COPY OR DISTRIBUTE ANYTHING ON THIS WEB SITE, YOU ARE ENTERING INTO A CONTRACT. You agree that the act of copying, as defined in the terms, whether you prepay any fees or not, constitutes your express intent to enter into a contract with the copyright owner as defined in COPYRIGHT NOTICE & TERMS (READ BEFORE ACCESSING THIS WEB SITE) - Copyright 1996- 2011, Suzanne Shell and individual contributors where appropriate. The content if this web site is intended to generate income, it is not free if you intend to archive, copy, print, distribute or create a derivative work of anything electronically fixed herein. Simply put, read, browse, learn freely. Copy, print, save, or distribute - get permission first or pay.

Reproduction and distribution prohibited without permission. This web site is licensed to be viewed on a computer device only while connected on the Internet connected to this web site. This license expressly does not include off-line viewing of content. Permission and limited, non-exclusive license to reproduce this web site, by any method including but not limited to magnetically, digitally, electronically or hard copy, may be purchased for $5,000 (five thousand dollars) per printed hard copy page per copy, in advance of printing. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, check, money order or cash. WE DO NOT ACCEPT GOVERNMENT PO’S - this fee schedule applies to the general public and particularly to any state agency, employee, contractor, GAL, attorney or CPS service provider or any person listed on the Consumer Advisory.  CPS agencies and associates and our competitors have found this site to be extremely valuable, preferring the contents of this site to any other site. Hence, the premium price. Family Rights activists or advocates may obtain reduction or waiver of license fees  upon request. License and permission s expressly denied for any use in a court case or official proceeding without express written permission and prepayment of posted fees or fee waiver.

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