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Profane Justice is twelve chapters of in-depth information and advice on how to prevent being falsely accused of child abuse, and if you are charged, how to assert your rights. The first step in asserting your rights is knowing your rights, and this book tells you what the child protections professionals and your lawyer won't tell you.

The advice in this book will help you keep child welfare out of your house, teach you how to recognize if your children have been taught to turn their parents in for abuse such as spanking, and how to defat the government's attempt to kidnap your children into protective custody. It gives detailed advice on successfully fighting false allegations of child abuse in a system driven by perverse financial incentives administered by incompetent and uncaring professionals.

Did you know that less than .10% (yes that is one tenth of one percent) of child abuse/neglect cases ever go to trial? Parents are usually coerced by their own attorneys to accept a plea bargain or admit that they abused or neglected their children. Often, when the parents insist on going to trial, their attorney will withdraw, leaving them without legal representation.

The child abuse industry is a multibillion dollar business, which exploits the children it purports to protect. The administrative and judicial abuses are so institutionalized so as to render the process unrecognizable as legitimate American jurisprudence.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Buy it before you need it. . . .a fine book that will prepare you for the possibility that the state could snatch one of your children. If you are prepared ahead of time you can avoid many of the heartaches, like losing your children, that so many parents and families are suffering. Anonymous on
My first order of Profane Justice arrived today. I am so impressed with your book, that I am ordering a second one for a close friend and attorney, who has been fighting for parents; rights and is also a chair woman representing parents on the court board DSS vs. parents
M. Smith, Texas
I got my kid back. CPS took my kid. I got your book Profane Justice. I did everything they said to do in the book and I got my kid back. K. Jones
A book that should be owned by every parent!
This is one of the best books have read on the subject. The author is well-informed and provides tons of information and sound advice. This book is not about protecting child abusers, its about protecting innocent children from being abused by the agency who claims to protect them. You owe it to yourself and your children to have this book on hand before you need it. W. Joslin, Texas
A Must-Have for all parents.
An astonishing and gut-wrenching expose of the "child protection" industry--how it misuses its authority and abuses parents and children. But horror stories can be found anywhere. This book give parents ammunition to protect themselves, or, if necessary, fight back and win. Give it to every parent=to=be in America. It may cost more than a romper, but could save a family from heartbreak, despair and bankruptcy. D. Petryk, New York.
Profane Justice is available as a premium for your $30 donation
"The toll of legally kidnapped children continues to increase, silently and secretly, unnoticed and unmorned by any but the few dedicated activists against this tragic injustice." Suzanne Shell
More about Profane Justice

Profane Justice
Second Edition is almost sold out. Get your copy before they are all gone.
Knowing My Rules: Who Do I Trust?

Your children may be the first line of defense against a state-sanctioned seizure!

This is the first book in the "I Have the Power" series of children's books. This book teaches four simple rules for children to follow when being questioned by authority figures, including police and social workers, to insure their safety and the safety of your family. These rules are simple enough for a four-year-old to follow and basic enough to apply to teens. This is the first and only book of its kind for children. Children who are empowered by the rules contained in this book have effectively shut down child welfare investigations and remained safely in the family home.

You may purchase a digital version of the book below @ $7.95.
Knowing My Rules is available as a premium for your $10 donation
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Hello Sage Wisdom Press,
I got the file!!!!! Thank you so very much for the great file which is so clear and easier to understand for children. S