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Profane Justice: A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Parental Rights, Second Edition

The Desecration of the Family

There is a war raging over the control of our children. The cry of outrage is spreading across this nation, as increasing numbers of children are wrongfully ripped from their loving parent's arms and secreted away by the unscrupulous agents of the State. Many good parents are branded child abusers, and in their naivete, are abused and manipulated by a system that transcends any preconceived notion of injustice. Their trusting children are deceived and coerced into “disclosing” non-existent abuse, unaware that they are being exploited by the very people who profess to protect them. Christian parents are especially at risk of prosecution.

“Not all child abusers are Christian and not all Christians are child abusers. But a surprisingly high number of cases of reported child abuse occur in Christian families.”

This quote, by a domestic violence center director, Marie Fortune, is frightening, because many Christians employ the “rod of correction” on their children, and spanking is considered by many so-called experts to be child abuse. This is often the only basis for removing children from the homes of loving, concerned, non abusive parents. Because they only want to raise righteous, responsible children, their families are at risk. In spite of the fact that spanking is universally legal, false accusations of child abuse abound, even against parents who spank responsibly

When charged with child abuse for a non abusive spanking . These families are routinely sacrificed on the unholy altar of the ‘child savers.’ A large percentage of these child savers who make decisions for families are childless. The evidence shows that these so-called professionals care more for their jobs and their personal agendas than protecting children from child abuse. The agencies they work for are more interested in receiving Federal funds and expanding their bureaucracy. Under the holier-than-thou guise of child advocacy, they have forgotten the children they purport to protect. Consequently, the child savers have little concern for the truth surrounding an allegation of child abuse.

A disproportionately large percentage of these ‘child savers’ are emotionally damaged. Many claim to have been abused as children. Some actually have been abused. They cannot conceive of a normal, healthy family; of parents who discipline out of love rather than react abusively out of anger. They have made it their mission in life to protect all children from the abuse they suffered, whether those children need their protection or not.

They are not necessarily motivated by altruism. And they are not all caseworkers. A child saver can be a Guardian ad litem (GAL) or a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA) or a child psychologist or therapist, a judge, or a foster care giver. A tremendous multibillion dollar industry has emerged out of the battle cry ‘stop child abuse.’ For every child removed from his home, there is an average of 25 service providers who derive their livelihood from that child’s removal! There is powerful financial motivation to keep that child out of the home as long as possible. And the ultimate results? There are as many children dying of abuse or neglect in 1997 as in 1974 when the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act ( CAPTA) was passed. The only difference today is that 50% of those children are now dying in foster care. The laws governing child protection do not apply to foster care givers or to state agencies or to the stranger on the street, they only apply to parents.

The greatest outrage is that these foster care deaths are often covered up by the investigating agency. This agency just happens to be the same agency that placed those children in that dangerous home in the first place. If a child is removed from his mother and his lifesaving medical treatment is withheld so the child savers can prove his mother faked his illness, and he dies two days later, is that not child abuse? If an infant dies of a mysterious and unexplained subdural hematoma, is that not murder? These are just two cases out of hundreds every year where a child’s death occurred under suspicious circumstances in foster care and was determined to be ‘accidental.’ As you can see, the foster care givers and caseworkers can almost literally abuse a child with impunity.

Spanking is not the only excuse used by the system to take our children. There are documented cases of children being removed because a healthy mother breast-fed her baby, because a child suffered the common high-altitude affliction of a bloody nose, and because a mother properly rushed her child to the emergency room for accidentally ingesting Tylenol. Others include religious or political reasons. Some of these cases actually involve the permanent termination of parental rights! The time to act is before your family is victimized by this overzealous and corrupt system, because once they have your children, it's often too late.

Forewarned is forearmed.

Child protection is not about saving abused children. It is about Federal dollars. In order to maintain the system, 3,000 children must be removed from their homes every day. Most of these homes are not abusive homes. You can protect your family, but only if you know your rights. Only if you know what to expect and how to fight the illegal seizure of your children.

Profane Justice is twelve chapters of in-depth advice to parents on how to prevent being falsely accused of child abuse, and if you are charged, how to fight the charges and win. The advice in this book will keep Child Protective Services out of your house, teach you how to recognize if your children have been taught to turn their parents in for "abuse" such as spanking, and how to defeat the government's attempts to "kidnap" your children into protective custody. It gives detailed advice on successfully fighting false allegations of child abuse in a corrupt court system.

Profane Justice:A Comprehensive Guide to Asserting Your Parental Rights
by Suzanne Shell

Spanking is a controversial discipline method, and while universally legal, is construed to be abuse by the ‘agents of the state.' An introduction to the motives of the author and the contents of the book.
"There is a war waging over the control of our children.." This chapter includes the generally accepted criteria attributed to abusers, including being ‘overly religious.' It also includes the author's own story.
What steps to take to prevent yourself from being falsely accused of child abuse including during the process of disciplining your child. An expose' of state ‘anti-spanking' tactics directed at churches. Supreme Court rulings that favor parental control over the upbringing of children. The policies of schools regarding teaching children about abuse and their cooperation in turning children over to Social Services without evidence of abuse. The popular culture as it applies to raising children.
How the media has affected the attitudes of children and society and the impact of these attitudes on parenting. A revealing discussion on the ‘Children First' campaign.
Based on the principle that parents who love their children discipline their children, this chapter includes detailed information on how to deal with administering discipline to prevent injury and accusations, including the child who misbehaves in public. It also reveals some warning signs that a child is considering using the system to gain control in the family and avoid parental discipline.
What you and you children should be aware of regarding the often deceitful tactics of social services and schools, and what information to keep private. This chapter tells how your child can be the first line of defense against a false accusation.
This chapter details exactly what your rights are and the limits on the statutory authority of Social Services by ‘fighting over the doorknob, not over the child.' A treasure of tactics to use to protect your rights and keep your children out of the custody of Social Services. How to make them PROVE abuse, how to fight the commonly accepted principle of ‘guilty until proven innocent.' A disclosure of all tactics used by the state to gain access to and custody of your children, and how to counter each tactic using the law. How to keep your children with another family member if the state manages to legally get custody.
The people who cooperate with Social Services (believing they have nothing to hide) suffer far more than those who fight the false charges and refuse to cooperate in any way. The reasons NOT to accept a plea bargain, and how to prepare your winning case based on the fact that most juries do not convict in child abuse cases. Which court your case can be tried in, and the benefits and disadvantages of each venue.
What kind of lawyer you need and how to find him. Information your lawyer should have and exactly what he should be doing in your defense. Options on representing yourself, and the associated benefits, drawbacks, and ramifications. What to expect during a police investigation, and what you should do. Illegal tactics employed in many Social Services investigations, and how to counter them. And the necessity of conducting your own investigation, and how to conduct it effectively. What tactics to employ that could win your case.
How to dress and act during your trial. Detailed information on what to expect in the courtroom. The advantages of appealing a conviction.
The historical role of juries in America, and how the system has been perverted today. What you should know as a juror. The concept of ‘stacking charges' to get the jury to convict on at least one. Recent Supreme Court ruling on sentencing. A brief discussion of the Grand Jury.
How to sue the ‘Agents of the State' for violating your civil rights during a false child abuse investigation. Suing the state for fraud against the Federal Government. How to gain an appearance before a Grand Jury to criminally indict ‘Agents of the State' for acting outside the law.
Why the law must be changed, and nineteen ways to change it in your state.
The unedited letter by a fourteen year old girl who tried to use the system to control her parents, as she was taught how to by the schools, and her resultant fear and distrust of the state as she remained away from her parents for months. This is her plea for help against a deceitful and intractable system.
A list of resources and books for parents facing false accusations. Bibliography.

  This book is not to be construed as advocating child abuse. True child abuse is abhorrent. It is not borne out of love and the desire to raise righteous and responsible children. It is an inappropriate expression of anger or a perverted act perpetrated on helpless children. Victims of such abuse need our help and protection. The full force of the law must be brought to bear against child abusers. Notice I said law. Child abuse is a crime, and it should be treated as such. Always. Social workers are not police, and therefore should not investigate child abuse crimes. Child abuse should be punished criminally, not plea bargained or tried in civil court.
          The advice in this book is directed at non-abusive parents who find themselves facing the horrifying prospect of having their children unjustly taken away. Unfortunately, I must consider that the criminal abuser would desire to use the advice in this book to shield himself from justifiable prosecution. Therefore, this book has been prayerfully designed to frustrate any such attempt. Due to the very nature of criminal activity, they will not be able to accomplish the most important objectives found in this book, making this book useless in their endeavors to hide their criminal activity.
          The information in this book is not intended to be nor should it be construed to be legal advice. Neither does the author represent herself as a lawyer. This is a book of public information and common sense. It is the result of five years of research into the child protection racket and the related laws. The author accepts no responsibility or liability for any action that occurs as a result of any person who follows or implements any of the information in this book. The reader is completely responsible for of his own actions and all subsequent results. The reader is strongly urged to conduct his own research and use his own judgement regarding all actions taken relative to this subject.
            My intention is to present as many options as possible, along with the associated ramifications, and allow the reader to make his own decisions The author also recommends that you seriously consider obtaining the services of a good lawyer to advise you concerning the law. Suzanne Shell

Suzanne Shell writes from experience. She's been there and done that. Her family's story was featured on CBS Evening News Eye On America report on false allegations of child abuse in November 1992. As her family endured invasions from deceitful investigators and social workers, she searched in vain for advice on how to protect herself and her family. After winning her fight, she set out to discover what made the child protection system work and how to defeat it. This book exposes the motivation and deceit behind the child savers and gives you the tools you need to protect your family from unwarranted intrusions by the state.

Shell was the national spokesperson for the Parentsmarch on Washington, D.C. and is the author of the Petition, written with the input of parents nationwide, that has become the national blueprint for child protection reform. She has risen to national prominence as a family rights activist and is the primary innovator of strategies and solutions utilized by the family rights movement to protect the fundament human right to family association. She provides accredited continuing legal education to lawyers and judges who administer child welfare cases, as well as testifying before state legislatures and assisting with drafting laws intended to reign in abuses by state actors. She provides training to parents and professionals who administer child welfare cases.

She is also the founder and director of the American Family Advocacy Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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